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Dates for our furry friends


Are you looking for a partner for your dog
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will find the perfect soul mate for your furry friend

Cupid's dart landed on the first dog dating portal

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will find the most compatible owner

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It is the community for dogs where you can register your dog, exchange tips and talk to the experts, choose the right partner or simply look for a puppy to adopt / buy.


If you are looking for a dog you are on the right site! On Doggami you can easily find puppies to adopt or you can place an ad, and a puppy will find you.


Search for the ideal partner for your dog, you can choose from more than 300 breeds. Finding love has never been easier!


On Doggami you can find vets, dog sitters, trainers or grooming shops closest to you! You can ask for advice, quotes or compare yourself on the forum.

How does it work?

You can choose a puppy or a partner to make puppies
or a professional at your service


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Sign up your best friend… find him or her a soulmate among more than 300 breeds. The map will help you to find his ideal partner.


Whatever breed or size you choose… one of us will always change your life for the better!

Whatever kind of love you are looking for, no one here is left alone.

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Small, medium or large? Long or short-coated breed?
Indoor or outdoor dog?


It’s not always possible to spend most of your time with your furry friend and that’s why you can rely on a DOG SITTER.


Walks, activities, and social relationships are important to your dog’s physical and mental health, but often they are not enough. Walks, activities, and social relationships are important to your dog’s physical and mental health, but often they are not enough.



Raise your paw if you are afraid of the vet! Wow, so many? Joking aside, every doctor can actually make you anxious, but they are the ones who together with our owners really care about our health.



The more equipped you are, the better: food, leashes, pesticides, kennels, cushions and carriers, teething toys and other accessories for dogs
of all breeds and sizes.

Do you offer dog services?

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How about a strong, brawny guy like me? Let an unforgettable date begin! There’ll be some heat, pretty lady. Would you have some kibbles, just me and you?


Big-eyed, elegant and perky girl... I'm waiting for your beautiful hound. Love is blind, but I can't wait to meet him.


Among hundreds of breeds, sizes and habits you will definitely find the dog of your dreams. Adopt now some happiness and be ready to tell a new love story.

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Non ci lasciare!Rimani almeno aggiornato sulle nostre novità!

C’è chi ha scoperto l’amore per un cucciolo e chi è riuscito a trovare l’anima gemella. Si sono create coppie, Cupido lavora meno e… sono in arrivo tanti cuccioli!